Flail Technologies

Pardon the completely unprofessional webpage. The important thing is, Flail Technologies has launched its first game, .Destroy, on the Android App Market. Yeah, it's not the most original gameplay element, but there are some exciting new twists. Comments or questions are welcome at flailtek@gmail.com. (For some reason, flailtech is not available.)

New options are deployed turned off. Go into settings for endurance mode, sound, and to enable the global leaderboard.

Revision History

1.0Initial release
1.0.1Fixed end game bonus bug
1.1Added trackball support (beta)
Removed debug code
1.1.1Fixed localization error that was causing force close on all locales except en
1.2Added endurance mode
1.3Added sound and global leaderboard, Chinese localization by http://goapk.com